Stop burning out doing Open Source!

The complete toolkit to monetize your work without donations

OSS can be more then a hobby!

Open Source can be far more then a labor of love. The companys that use your work have more then enough money to pay you, and in many cases would feel better if they did! GitFundMe gives you the tools to make this happen without sacraficing all that makes OSS great, and without sidetracking you from the OSS work you love!

Your Complete Monetization Toolkit!

Everything you could need to monetize your OSS

Corperate Licensing

GitFundMe allows you to provide multiple licensing options, and licence upgrade plans via one time purchase or monthly fee.
Now you can open source your work free for devs, but still charge corporations to use it in production without breakign a sweat!

Ad-hoc priority support

Sometimes your non-subscribed users need support ASAP. GitFundMe allows you to offer emergency support with custom response time guarantees!
With complete control you can give your users what they need without sacrificing your sanity or work / life balance!

Paid Issue Access

You have given away your work, why give support away for free too? You can now charge users a monthly fee for access to you, the projects maintainer via github issues. You then have the choice of allowing non-paying users to wait for the community to respond, or auto-direct them to someplace like StackOverflow.

Paid Feature Additions

Comming Soon

Simple Pricing, Zero Risk

Per invoice